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Field Measurements

Our group has conducted almost 20 collaborative field campaigns since the early 2000’s in environments including Toronto, forested and marine regions, and the Arctic. Our most recent large-scale collaborative campaigns have been to study the chemistry of indoor air at HOMEChem (Austin TX) and CASA (Gaithersburg MD). Ongoing projects involve the measurement of brown and black carbon aerosol particles across Canada as part of the BBCan (Biomass Burning in Canada) project (bbcan.net).

In the past, NETCARE (Network on Climate and Aerosols) was a large Canadian network investigating the roles of aerosol particles in clouds and climate, especially in the Arctic. Jon was the PI of the NSERC-funded network, which brought together investigators from across Canada and internationally. This project has been completed. The NETCARE datasets are open access and located at Government of Canada website. Alternatively, the datasets are also accessible through this link.